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Whether it’s helping a rural fire or clearing fallen trees from Franklin Park, the volunteer firefighting squads are the driving force to protect our community.
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who are we?

We are a Fire District in the Township of Franklin, NJ, proudly ready to assist put out fires, clear roads, and be there when our friends and neighbors need it most. Comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds and many different walks of life, our volunteer firefighters are a force of dedication, respect, discipline, and bravery, and we want you to join us.

Being a Volunteer Firefighter is about more than just gaining firefighter experience: it is a privilege. The public’s safety is dependent on these dedicated individuals just like you.

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benefits for joining

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be the hero

A great way for brave, team-focused individuals to do something good for their community. Volunteer firefighting is the perfect way to serve your community without long-term strings attached.
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Gain Experience

Receive professional firefighter training through weekly classes, drills, management activities, and community outreach. Volunteers are state certified and gain an important first step towards developing a career in firefighting, EMS, or other emergency related roles.
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Enjoy Service Discounts

Many community stores or popular chains provide volunteers with special discounts as a sign of appreciation for their sacrifice to the community. This can range from food and drink discounts to special pricing on local gyms and activities.

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Gain a New Family

Volunteer firefighting is not only emotionally rewarding, but provides a unique support system of fellow, like-minded volunteers. The nature of firefighting creates a unique, family-like bond that few other programs can equal.
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Our District LOSAP Program allows volunteer firefighters to be rewarded money each year depending on the number of years served. Think of it as a pension program similar to a 401K.

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In addition to encouraging members to stay healthy and providing physique boosting activities, volunteer firefighters are eligible for a free physical to anually ensure their continued health and wellbeing.


Once the membership application has been submitted, a short interview will be required with the fire company and the candidate must attend four (4) schedule station events to get an idea of what to expect. A background check and a physical will be required at no charge. Upon receipt of a clean background and being cleared by the district physician, the candidate will be voted in by the Board of Fire Commissioners. The Board generally accepts all qualified applicants who pass the background check and physical.

Once your membership has been fully approved by the Board, you will be outfitted with firefighting equipment such as Turnout Gear (fire protective pants and jacket), helmet, gloves and boots. You will receive a District ID card and the leadership at your Fire Company will work with you to schedule your free training.

After applicant is accepted, plans will be discussed on when the member will be enrolled into the NJ State Firefighter 1 class at the selected Fire Academy. The schedule can be varied. It is a big initial commitment and something that is best communicated to the applicant in person. After initial training, the schedule/commitment is to attend weekly drills and training that are generally held weekly on Monday evenings.

No specific education is required, although you will need to be able read and speak English, as well as completion of NJ FireFighter 1 course which is paid for by the District.

As a member you have a voice and an opinion. The individual Fire Companies are not for profit organizations with their own internally elected Boards. There are opportunities for internal leadership and committee roles, along with voting rights as a member of the organization.

There is no one universal answer to the time commitment involved in volunteer firefight. At a minimum, the applicant should expect to spend part of one evening a week in drills/training, and the fire calls are quite varied. Members are not expected to make every call, or attend every meeting, but regular attendance is encouraged. You are, for example, permitted to freely take time off for vacation or other personal reasons. Each fire company has slightly different rules as to what is expected in order to maintain active membership.

The district is taking all precaution and following all state and federal regulations. The district has ordered and stocked large quantities of N95 masks and disinfectant supplies. While the individual fire companies approach this new threat slightly differently, the District generally follows state guidance. In addition, the state qualifies our volunteers as essential first responders, making the vaccine available on a priority basis to those who desire to take it.

Each fire company has its own internal SOGs (Standard Operating Guidelines) that it follows in order to ensure the safety of its membership. The District follows NFPA guidelines in order to ensure that the inherently dangerous activity of firefighting is conducted as safely as possible. The District has a strong track record of safety with minimal injuries and no fatalities.

There is no commitment to continue in Volunteer Firefighting service if a member chooses. In the event that a member no longer wishes to participate in the volunteer fire service, the member will submit their resignation to their Fire Company and return any Company or District property. The Fire Company will submit termination paperwork to the District, which will be voted on by the District Board at the next public meeting. The applicant keeps any certification or training they have earned during their time volunteering.
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